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We distribute ver 10,000 pounds of food to our local communities with our 2 locations and satellite locations in other counties. We are grateful to work with many volunteers and like-minded Organizations that enable us to feed our neighbors in need.

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What We Do

Why does The Fuller Center for Housing have the Save a House/Make a Home initiative?

  1. There are more than 18 million vacant homes in the United States. At the same time, nearly 6 million American families live in poverty housing, not counting those who are homeless or live with relatives or friends. The Save a House/Make a Home initiative is where the glut and the need meet in a way that benefits both financial institutions and families. With the amount of vacant houses on the market, it makes more sense for us to repair these homes when possible instead of building new Fuller Center homes.

4. Are there public relations benefits to donating?

Absolutely. Though it may have been unfair to most, many financial institutions and local governments suffered damage to their reputations in the wake of America’s mortgage crisis. Participating in the Save a House/Make a Home initiative is a positive public relations strategy that will enhance public perception and generate positive press. The Fuller Center is committed to working with institutions to make sure their generous donations are well-publicized.

  1. How can financial institutions, such as banks and other lending organizations, benefit from transferring ownership of properties to The Fuller Center for Housing?
    While some foreclosed and vacant properties are valuable assets, others are burdens to financial institutions that have to shoulder the costs of maintenance, taxes and insurance while in their possession. By donating these properties to The Fuller Center, institutions can relieve themselves of these burdens in a way that makes them comfortable that the houses will be put to good use in ways that lift families and communities while at the same time allowing financial institutions to focus on assets with more profit potential.

3. Are there other benefits to donating such properties?

Yes. In addition to improving the community and enhancing neighborhood housing values by filling vacant homes with families who will maintain them, financial institutions which are examined under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) would receive favorable consideration from regulators under the investment test for donating these properties to nonprofit housing organizations along with the monetary resources to complete the renovations and fund the administrative costs associated with them.

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Why You’ll Love Us

Our group is always looking for volunteers. Daily, we need help in our Warehouse and on our De-Construction and Construction Crews as well as our Community Beautification Projects Anyone who has construction or administrative skills is invited to help. Board members are also needed.
For more information, call the office at 570-617-4620.

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