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Ways to Donate to The ReUse It Center :

Deconstruction (Decon) is a service provided by the The ReUse It Center is to carefully remove kitchen cabinets, counter-tops and appliances prior to a remodel. … Decon also helps prevent thousands of pounds of removed cabinets, countertops and more from ending up in a landfill!


You can drop off your donation at any time during our receiving hours, M-F noon-5PM and Sunday by reservation

 Please remember that items are accepted only at our team’s discretion.
Please contact us in advance or check if you have questions about your donation


Call 413-617-4620 to schedule your FREE Pick or fill out the form on this page to request a pickup of your donation. Your donation is important to us. Our goal is to pick up your donation within 48 hours when possible.

Also, The ReUse It Center accepts all monetary donations. Your dollars will be used to further our mission by allowing us unrestricted funds to offset operational costs. To find out more about how to donate to The ReUse It Center and what your money will be used for, please call the office at 413-617-4620 .

Don’t Throw Away… Donate Today!

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